Social Bookmarking Services

What is Social Bookmarking?

Social bookmarking is a form of shareable bookmarking process. It enables users to bookmark websites on the Web using third party social bookmarking platforms instead of the browser’s bookmarking facility. As a result, users get to experience an easy sharing of the bookmarks. In fact, this shareability feature is the sole reason behind its association with the word “social” in the term. Moreover, social bookmarking employs a method of tagging. This lets users to identify websites and also to bookmark them with a keyword. Very similar to how hashtags work on Twitter.

How does social bookmarking help you?

From a user’s perspective, social bookmarking aids the ease and speed of browsing as well as accessing information on the web. It helps you cut down your search to exactly what you are looking for.

Normally, all Social bookmarking sites update frequently and publicize newly added records and popular links. It facilitates you to receive the latest information on your requested topic.

How can Social Bookmarking help in SEO & web site promotion?

There are many ways social bookmarking help Service providers and Business owners to promote their business using their websites.

  • If you enroll your site to a social bookmarking site that can drive excellent traffic. People who arrive on your site from a social bookmarking site do so for a reason. They generally are there because your Web site emerged in their search result for topics they were interested in.

    However, there are some social bookmarking sites that mark links out to other sites as “nofollow”. That is to say, search engines won’t consider the link, and therefore you won’t get any additional SEO benefits from those links!
  • But on the plus side, Search engines will frequently record results from bookmarking sections. Hence if your site is bookmarked, it gives you an edge to show up in search results.
  • Another benefit of being featured on one bookmarking site is that it can get you free publicity. How? This may sound rather strange, but oftentimes people end up tagging your site on other bookmarking sites. Moreover, people who bookmark your site may also use multiple bookmarking sites. And if luck is in your favor they may discover your site through one platform and end up bookmarking you on another. Isn’t it a great opportunity for web site promotion.
  • You can also increase traffic by attaching social bookmarking buttons to your website. Not only adding social bookmark links to your blog or web site makes it effortless for the audiences to save and share your content, but it also creates a healthy reciprocatory link pyramid.

How to do social bookmarking?

First of all, you have to enroll with a social bookmarking site. Now you can use the platform to store bookmarks, attach tags of your preference. Furthermore, you can set the audience setting for specific bookmarks as public or private. Moreover, some of the social bookmarking platforms run a check intermittently to confirm if the bookmarked links still work. And they even notify the user when the URL no longer functions. For example, sites like Reddit, Tumblr, and Stumbleupon feature this facility for you.

Finally, social bookmarking is especially beneficial if you wish to obtain a set of sources that you wish to share with others. Most social bookmarking sites are free of cost. Thus anybody can do it.

How does Social bookmarking work?

Social bookmarking sites not only allow you to save your website and send them to your clients and your potential customers but you can store links that might interest you. So they can be beneficial for you from both the perspectives of a company and a consumer alike. Besides, they help to create a healthy and organic keyword and link pyramid.

Comparing social bookmarking with Search engines

Where traditional search engines work in a vast and diverse field of database social bookmarking operates in a more specified field. For example, suppose you are in a mood to watch a music video. Now there are two ways to do so. First, you can Google for the particular music video. Second, you can directly go to YouTube and search it there. Directly using the YouTube search box is far simpler as it is more than likely that a Google search would redirect you to YouTube only.

Similarly, all tag-based classification of internet resources is best be accessed by social bookmarking platforms. Moreover, here users can run searches and can bookmark pages, links, and content which are yet to be available on our traditional search engines. Also, the ranking algorithm is quite different here. The ranking process in Social Bookmarking sites is typically based on how many times it has been bookmarked by the users. It guarantees the viewing quality of the content.

Bookmarking plays a significant role in Social Media Marketing. You need it to promote and market your business in a place where traditional SEO is less relevant.

If it’s free then why hire DelhiSeoServices for it?

Though social bookmarking is mostly free but there are several reasons why you should hire professionals instead of trying it for yourself.

  • It is time-consuming:

    Creating a social bookmarking post is considerably easy and you can do it without any technical knowledge. However, it takes a good deal of research to make your bookmark appealing. Hence, it needs time, what you are better off investing in your own business.

  • You need to know the right platforms:

    If you somehow end up in a suspicious social bookmarking site you will be generating harmful backlinks for your website. Yes, you can search online for the list of high authority social bookmarking platforms. But again this type of in-depth research takes a good degree of time and effort.

  • It is already included in our services:

    We, DelhiSeoServices already include social bookmarking in our all in one digital marketing package. So there is no reason for you to invest your precious time and effort on it especially when we are here to cover for you.

In case, you have some queries just feel free to give us a ring.