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Is Press Release still as relevant Part of a Digital Marketing Strategy as it used to be?

We welcome you to DelhiSeoServices among the most reliable Digital Branding companies in Delhi. Today it is all about Press release. According to some experts, Press release as a part of a digital marketing campaign is dead.  On the contrary, there are people in business, who believe Press release still has its relevance.

So, which one is right? Well, to determine that you need to know a few basic things. Things like; what press release is how it makes a difference, how to use it properly. Pretty standard set of deals. Nothing that you need to get stressed about. Just stick till the end of this page and you will have all the information you need about press release.

What is Press release & Why you need it?

Press release is an off-page SEO technique. In this format, you will be creating content whether it is text, infographics or video. The content should be about topics such as new product or service launch, discounted offers, or any other sort of announcement. Then, we search for third party press release websites and submit those contents there.

Here are the benefits of using Press release as a Digital marketing tool:

  • Backlink accumulation
  • Traffic generation
  • Increased brand awareness

Take it as a bonus point. There are few websites who allow you to add hyperlinks to your site.

It used to be the most popular mode of offline marketing among the leading SEO agencies. Indeed, it is still one hell of a fast as well as an easy way to engage your audience. But with the growing effectiveness along with the popularity of inbound press releases appeared to fall out of favor. Therefore, in current times, writing a press is sort of an afterthought to some experts putting together a digital marketing strategy.

But the question is should it really be that way? According to us, no, it shouldn’t be. We at DelhiSeoServices highly believe in the effectiveness of Press release. And here are the reasons why.

Benefits of Press release services by DelhiSeoServices:

It is cost-effective:

Have you heard a saying that the best things in life are free? Well, so are most of press releases websites. Hence there is no reason to at least consider it for inclusion in your digital marketing strategy.

Talking about the traditional and offline alternative of this tool, they cost you money. And a good amount of that let us confirm you.  If you try to buy an ad space in a leading newspaper even for a week, it will cost you a fortune. On the other hand, if you take our digital marketing packages press release comes included with it.

Don’t you think that technology is great yet?

Easy traffic and Backlinks:

Speaking of search engine optimization, you can never be too sure. So how could we afford to lose such an easy source of traffic and backlinks? Especially, when it will cost little to nothing.

Putting out a press release rewards us with some backlinks. Moreover, if your published content is picked up by a reputed publication, you get lots of exposure. Besides, as we discussed earlier, some press release platforms allow you to insert hyperlinks directing to your website. Creating more opportunities to generate traffic.

You are in charge of the Message you want to put out:

One of the most significant benefits of continuing with the press releases is that you control the message. That is to say, you are in complete in charge of things like:

  • Topics of your content
  • Information that you wish to use in the press release
  • The tone of the content
  • The length of the content.

Consequently, you are free to explain how your company or product is going to make a difference in your audience. You can even use them to place a call to action. Moreover, you can make sure that you are providing all the important background information.

Press release establishes high brand authority:

Brand authority is an aspect that is not only crucial for SEO but is also highly beneficial for your overall branding. Press release is just the tool you need to establish yourself as a high-authority business out there. With high brand authority comes greater credibility and brand trust. This ultimately results in a significantly higher conversion rate.

A cost-effective alternative to acquire influent investors:

The next best thing that you can get your hands on by using press releases is some interested investors for your business. Will you mind if your content published on the press releasing platforms catches the eyes of potential investors? Just think about the various ways you can utilize those sponsorships. And what would it cost you? Mostly, nothing. Just consider the return on investment on this one.

Reach a Large or Targeted Audience:

Finally, press releases in digital marketing make you much more easily accessible to your target audience. Therefore, it helps us boosting the traffic of your site.

The thing about people is that they love to explore the internet in search of the latest stories and compelling press release. Thus, if you manage to keep up with the press releases, you can gain new leads.

All you need to do is to make sure to incorporate your website link in your press release. And also don’t forget to add proper keywords, appealing headlines, clean photos, and informative description. 

If it’s free then why hire DelhiSeoServices for it?

Yes, Press release is mostly free. But there are a few reasons why you should hire an expert instead of trying it for yourself. Here they are listed below:

  • It needs research:

    Creating a press release post requires a good deal of research in itself. And therefore, it requires time. You will surely do better by investing that time and research to your business, won’t you?

  • Formatting should be right:

    The formatting of your press release posts need to be spot on. Moreover, different sites might require different formatting. You might need some technical knowledge to get it right every time.

  • You need to know the right sites:

    Even if you successfully create a press release posts but it is an entirely different story finding the right platform to post them. Some suspicious press release sites are harmful for your branding. Without proper knowledge, you might end up creating harmful backlinks for your website.

  • It already comes included in our services:

    We, DelhiSeoServices already include press release in our all in one digital marketing package. So there is no reason for you to worry about it especially when we are taking care of it for you.