Content Management Services

What is Content Management?

Content management is the process to collect, delivers, retrieve, and manage information. Firstly, you should know that the term is mainly applied in reference to the digital content life cycle. The life cycle extends from the creation to permanent storage or deletion. The content in this case, may include images, video, and audio, multimedia and of course text contents as well.


We, DelhiSeoServices will be presenting you with the basic steps, terminology, and variation of Content Management.

Content management process

Content management methods do vary by the very purpose as well as the organization. As a result, it leads to the inception of different terminologies. Below we have listed the key terminologies that will guide you through the basics of content management. Furthermore, we have maintained an order that will also give you an outline of the different stages of the content management life cycle.

Here they are:

  1. Organization: In the first stage we create categories. Other than that we also design taxonomies and developed classification schemes developed.
  2. Creation: Next, it is about the classification of contents into the structural categories.
  3. Storage: Then we store the contents according to the categories. Ease of access for the users as well as the convenience of the webmaster play a very important role when it comes to the storage of content.
  4. Workflow: Thereafter, we set some rules that are designed to keep content moving through various roles while keeping compatibility with the organization’s policies.
  5. Editing/Versioning: When it comes to editing or versioning it includes managing multiple content versions. And it also means running some addition and alteration for the better presentation.
  6. Publishing: This particular step is all about the stage where content is delivered to users. The audience for these published contents can be both website visitors and employees. But the employee exclusive contents require internal publishing via the intranet.
  7. Removal/Archives: The final one is as simple as it sounds like. We delete the contents or move them to the archive when they are no longer relevant to the website.

A brief concept about content governance

The process of content governance includes some basic structure and guidelines. Why Digital content management governance is important? Well, it can help you determine your priorities and also to provide access control. Besides, this helps you to create a compatible user experience, at the same time, it helps you to reduce content bloat and create internal controls.

Most governance tools incorporate content workflows, style guides, and taxonomies. In addition, they also include the records management tools for audit trails for compliance.

What Is A Content Management System?

A content management system (CMS) is a program focusing strictly to manage web content, allowing multiple admins to produce, edit and publish. How it works? Contents in a CMS are first collected in a dedicated database and then they are illustrated in a display layer based on a set of templates.

Different kinds of digital content management

Here we have listed just about every category of digital platform and the contents they deal with. And each point also consists of a content management process for different digital channels.

●      Social media content management:

Social media content management is all about an organized social media marketing tact with set goals. It helps us to analyze the engagement and performance of the content featured in your social media platforms. For instance, social media content management systems comprise Sprout Social, Google Analytics and BuzzSumo.

●      Web content management:

Web content management includes the process of creating, managing and publishing WebPages to display. That is to say, it is a program that provides webmasters with a window to manage digital information on a website without having any knowledge of web programming at all.

●      Mobile content management:

Now talking about Mobile content management (MCM), it is a dedicated system offering you secure access to corporate data on smart phones, tablets and other devices. The main components of MCM are mostly limited to the file storage and file sharing.

●      Enterprise content management:

An enterprise content management (ECM) system contains components that help the enterprises manage data efficiently. These components are adjusted to offer such as streamlining access, eliminating bottlenecks and minimizing overhead, along with version control, routing, archiving, content governance and security.

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Do you really need our Content Management System?

One of the most significant benefits of a CMS is its collaborative environment. Therefore, it allows multiple users to log on and operate on their own content management with ease. Besides, their user-friendly ecosystem is suitable for all sorts of browsers. Consequently, you can access your database whenever you want wherever you want.

When you let us set a CMS to govern your content on your site, it allows you to make all sorts of content management on your own. No longer do you need to depend on your designer or developer for every smaller change you want to make on your website.

We offer CMS support on following the platforms:

We are an expert CMS agency providing services on following the platforms:

  • Drupal
  • Joomla
  • Magento
  • ModX
  • Squarespace
  • Wix
  • Weebly
  • WordPress

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