Competitor Research Services

What is Competitor Research?

Competitor research loosely refers to a set of strategic research. Research, that specializes in the accumulation and report of the data of the competing business establishments. It is an imperative tactical measure to track the methods your competitions use to strike their brand of balance in terms of marketing. Furthermore, competition research also helps you to get an idea of the success rate of their strategies as well.

Competition Research and Digital Marketing:

Speaking of digital marketing, it’s a cut-throat world out there. Therefore, to stay s step ahead of your competitors you need to be aware of their each step. And that’s exactly why competitive analysis is a quintessential step for digital marketers like us, DelhiSeoServices.

How our marketing competitor analysis helps you:

Let’s see why you need our competition research.

  • Our efficient competition research provides you with the frameworks used by the successful business houses of your category.
  • It saves you a hell of a time & money.
  • You can skip the whole circle of trial and error by acting upon the already proven methods of your rivals.
  • Get a real shot to reach the benchmark of your industry leaders as well as market influencers.

That is to say, the goal of competitive research in digital marketing is to find out the most successful strategies. Then we study both the ups and downs of each of their strategies. Next, we adapt the things that are working at the same time improvise over things that aren’t.

How we Administer Your Competitive Analysis

1. We Recognize Your Top Ten Competitors

First thing first, we distinguish the top ten competitors in your field. Let’s get it sorted; every corporation has those dreaded opponents who tend to take a good chunk of your potential customers. And there are chances, which you may have an idea about one or two companies you’re playing against. But what about the others?

Thus, you need our professional help classifying your adversaries. We, DelhiSeoServices have means to identify the competitors that can come across as obstacles between you and your potential customers.

2. Competitor Content Analysis

After we are done identifying your competitors, now we can dive deeper into the competitive analysis and. How are we going to do it? The answer would be ‘Competitor Content Analyze’.

Analyzing your competitors’ content will help us determine all the opportunities you have to help outperform your competitors. Wondering what kind of content we analyze to bring out all the key factors to boost up your digital marketing campaign to the next level.

Different types of content can include:
  • Blog posts
  • Whitepapers
  • eBooks
  • Videos
  • Webinars
  • Podcasts
  • Slides/PowerPoint
  • Visual content
  • FAQs
  • Feature articles
  • Press releases
  • News
  • Case studies
  • Buyer guides

Yes, the contents we analyze for you may vary that much. Now, once we have run our research on their content, we are free to compare them to yours.

Things we need to care about while analyzing content:
  • Firstly we examine how often they are blogging, updating, and adding new content.
  • Besides, we also study the quality of the content along with the topics they discuss frequently.
  • Lastly, we look for the things they are doing anything that you aren’t.

It gives us a basic roadmap to optimize the use of our resources to maximize results. Without this roadmap, the act of creating and publishing content may lose the direction it needs.

  1. Analyze Their SEO Structure

Now there can be cases, where your competitors have the type of content that is very similar to you. Or it could be that you are doing as good as them in terms of updating content but still they are doing better than you. Now the question is if there is no room to update contents, how would you outrun them? How they are doing better than you with similar content?

The structure of their SEO is the key here. Yes, not only we just analyze the contents but also the SEO structures of your competitors.

SEO structure is the process using keywords effectively, are they included in:
  • The page title
  • The URL architecture
  • H1 Tags
  • Content
  • Internal links
  • Image alt text

Other than the SEO structure of the content we also run acute analysis on the types of keywords your competitors are utilizing. However, Keyword Research is an entirely different segment in itself that deserves a piece of the article entirely.

4. Look at their Social Media Integration

Now social media is one platform where business houses can get creative. This is where we have to work really hard in order to get a strategy. What are the things we observe? Here they are:

  • How often they post
  • What kind of tone do they maintain
  • How they use variety in tones of their posts
  • How people are responding
  • What are the ways they respond to negative reviews

Social Media Marketing is also among those significantly bigger aspects of digital marketing deserving an entire article for itself. In short, we can say that running research on the social media presence of your competitors is a part and parcel of competition research.

5. Target Areas for Improvement

Now you have an idea of how hard we work to conduct a complete competition research. As a result, we get all the information about each competitor. Furthermore, they allow us to identify particular areas where we can improve.

Not only will this allow you to rectify things that you have been doing wrong. But it also gives you an opportunity to knock it out of the park for your competitors.

Is Competitor research legal?

The modes of competition research we follow are completely legal. All the information we collect about our competition is available on the public domain. Therefore, there is no legal prohibition against our operation. However, if you hire any black hat experts, and they choose to hack, there can be legal repercussion. As long as we are in charge of your competition you can sleep like a baby.

Things to do while researching your competition:

  • Keep it healthy: A competition research always needs to be devoid of negative sentiments. Hence we highly recommend you to keep it healthy and professional.
  • Hire professionals: As we have described to you in this article the basic steps of competition research, you can tell that it is not easy. Thus you will need the professionals who are aware of all the technical details of the job.
  • Be patient: As you learned from the points discussed above we need to study the sequence and frequency of content uploaded by at least 10 of your rivals on various digital platforms. It is time-consuming.

Things not do while researching your competition:

  • Plagiarizing content: Never plagiarize content from others. Whether be it text, image or other media files. Google is smarter than us all. It’ll figure out if you have plagiarized content. And if you did it will take down your listing. Trust us; it is not worth the risk.
  • Trying access data that you are not supposed to: As we discussed earlier, don’t try to access data that are not in the public domain. It can cause you legal troubles.
  • Leaving fake reviews: This is probably the cheapest unethical practice some immoral admins resort to. Though there is no strict legal prohibition for leaving fake negative reviews, but it really is not worth it. We know you are better than that.

Here in this piece of article, we have covered all the basics of competition research. So now when you are well informed about the topic you know what to expect from us. Just give us a call in case you have any queries.