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In the world of marketing where content is the king, article writing surely is the game-changer. Yes, you certainly are familiar with the word article. But still, we will run you through the definition of it just to keep it neat and tidy.

What is Article Writing?

An article is a combination of informative pieces of text content put together elegantly. The very purpose of article writing is to make a difference by informing the readers about various topics with insightful in-depth analysis. It used to feature typically in journals, magazines, and newspapers. However, with the dawn of the internet, there is an entire industry thriving on the web-article itself.

Article writing not only plays a central role in content marketing but it also represents the very essence of a company’s online presence.

Here, we DelhiSeoServices will fill you in everything from how to write a marketing article.

Let’s discuss what marketing articles are:

Before getting started on some of the most useful practices of article writing, first, we need to know the right approach for writing an article. In this case, the first thing you need to know is that article writing is quite different than blog writing. Below are listed the basic differences between articles and blog posts.

The distinction between article writing, and blogging

Both articles and blogs matters when the goal is to aid brand development, generating high-quality traffic. But they appeal to audiences differently.

  • Blogs are mostly opinionated pieces of text forms. Whereas an article has little to no room for the opinion of the writer.
  • Because of the nature of blog posts, they tend to feature a casual tone. On the contrary, articles are more formal. However, articles can be interactive.
  • Speaking of the purpose, blogs are more about increasing your online visibility on search engines as well as strengthening your relationship with your audiences. On the other hand, articles deal with facts and figures. That is to say, articles are more informative.

People who aren’t sure of the difference oftentimes cross the very boundaries separating blogs and articles. And surprisingly, sometimes this isn’t always a bad thing. Having said that you absolutely need to know about the differences clearly to fuse them together effectively.

So if you need a more specific format about the differences between blogs and articles, here they are.


  • There is no limit in terms of the length of the articles. They can range from a few hundred words to several thousand.
  • Articles are informative by design. Audiences expect crucial facts from articles. Therefore, articles are more formal in their structure.


  • Blogs are more often than not shorter than articles. And they mostly operate around 500 to 700 words in length.
  • They are generally a lot more casual; they offer companies and brands a way to connect with their audience.
  • We update blogs more frequently than we do with articles.
  • Blogs mostly present a personal point of view.

How article writing can benefit you in terms of digital marketing

Article writing is one of the most fundamental aspects we take into account while developing your content marketing strategy. Firstly you should note that content marketing or digital marketing article writing is a part of brand development. And it requires long-term commitment.

No, the act of article writing does not facilitate an instant-fix for getting rich quick. Rather, it can be considered as a powerful framework for a life-long branding. Being consistent with a well-planned road map is the key here.

Some of the most magnanimous benefits of digital marketing article writing include:

1. Audiences stay for a longer period of time on your website

Engaging article content drives the audiences to stay on your website for a longer period of time. How does it benefit you? Well, the longer audiences stay the better impression it creates for Google. Moreover, if you manage to deliver informative and useful guidance via your articles then your audiences will keep coming back for more. Hence they grow more and more familiar with your brand. And it further develops the trust factor among your potential customer base. Finally, it leads to higher conversion rates.

2. Get a domain authority boost

Speaking of domain authority, inbound linking systems play a substantial role in boosting a site’s domain authority. And there is no better way than article writing to establish more organic inbound links from external sources. Why to worry about domain authority? A better domain authority transmutes to more favorable search engine rankings too!

3. More eminent search engine visibility

Although the previous two points combined cover the most to give you a more favorable search engine visibility. But that’s not just it. Google algorithm scans and very article that you create and judge them against their standards like: keyword density, ease of readability, user-friendliness, and the audience response. Therefore, if you just make sure to maintain all these parameters Google will reward you with the search position you deserve.

4. More referred traffic

Yes, creating high-authority article content does improve your chances of receiving more referral traffic. How? Just by focusing on the guest publishing phase of your website. And how does that help? Well, external guest publishers need to share the links of their articles & blogs in order to get them to their brand of audiences. Now the links will drive the external traffic to nowhere but your domain. Furthermore, the guests will be linking back to your website from high-authority sites too. Contributing more to your web presence only.

5. Increased social followers

Yes, article writing can empower your social media presence as well. All you need to do is to attach your articles with your social media handles and share them in your social media platforms as well. Not only it will pull curious readers to your article pages but if they find it informative they will share it to their timelines as well. Keep it in mind that you need to feature attractive heading, description, and display pictures too.

6. More high-grade brand reputation

The quality of your article directly impacts your brand value. To the audiences, your articles represent your brand. If the quality of your article is unimpressive it won’t do much good for your brand. But if what you post is informative, helpful, and entertaining, then they’ll naturally think more of your brand. Furthermore, if they see your content issued on reputed third-party platforms, it will make you more trustworthy to them.

7. Article writing works for everyone

Article writing does work for every segment and industry out there. It is about as versatile as you ask for. No matter what industry you belong to, your potential customers will always have queries. Satisfy them with your informative pieces of articles, and you just made the right impression.

Why hire DelhiSeoServices for Article writing?

So now when we have you covered on all the basics of article writing, you should be aware of the benefits that come with hiring us.


Writing a well-researched article takes a ton of time and research. We, DelhiSeoServices know exactly what to look for and where to look for. There we can finish up the research much faster than others. Even when it comes to implementing the researched materials into the content effectively, we, professionals do it significantly faster than people with no technical knowledge.


We have a team of experienced writers who typically write on various topics. This team exactly knows how to present your brand message in an informative set of articles. Therefore, it doesn’t matter which segment your business belongs to you can benefit from our wide range of experience. 


Hiring an agency featured with an experienced group of writers certainly comes with many positives. The quality of the article is among the most significant among them. Whether it comes to the structure or the very subject matter of the content we deliver nothing but the best. We maintain a pragmatic outlook while creating a piece of content.


Finally, when it comes to responding to your requirements, we respect all your specified requirements. And we do it without compromising on the quality of the content.

Keyword Incorporation:

Though articles are not web content and they don’t need to be as much neatly keyword optimized as web content. But still, you need to incorporate some form of generic or broad match keywords into web articles. And we feature natural keyword optimization into our articles.